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The existing Sha Tau Kok Sewage Treatment Works (STKSTW) has a capacity of 1,660m3 per day and discharges its treated effluent through a short submarine outfall into Starling Inlet. At present, it only serves the Sha Tau Kok town area.

The existing capacity of STKSTW is expected to be used up by 2019 and the sewage flow. Under this Contract, Drainage Services Department would reconstruct the STKSTW to increase its capacity to 5,000 m3 per day. The Contract was awarded at the fourth quarter of 2018, and scheduled to complete at first quarter of 2025. The Contract includes provision of temporary sewage treatment facilities to maintain sewage treatment services during reconstruction of existing STKSTW, a longer and larger submarine outfall will be constructed to provide sufficient capacity for discharging the increased treated effluent, alteration to trunk sewer system within the Sha Tau Kok town and provision of public sewerage in Tong To. The Consultants and the Contractor of this Contract are Binnies Hong Kong Limited and Build King - Kum Shing Joint Venture respectively.